One of Our Own: Daniel on Deliverability

Inboxroad is on a mission to provide you with the perspectives and insightful experiences of experts in the field of email marketing. We believe that email deliverability is the footing on which email marketing stands, without it email marketing attempts could easily fail. Accordingly, we are honored to present to you our very own email deliverability expert, Daniel!

Daniel is based in Spain and his hobbies include cycling and participating in outdoor sports. Aside from this, Daniel’s entry into the email world began with his role “as an email specialist/deliverability consultant when I moved to London eight years ago for an international company that was looking to create an email deliverability team.

At this company, I spent more than three years configuring email servers and solving email deliverability issues. During this time my passion for email deliverability grew tremendously.

Looking back at these years, I have many fond memories. I also obtained a lot of valuable information from colleagues and experts as well as improving my expertise in the industry.”

For a beginner, how would you define email deliverability?

“Email deliverability is defined as the percentage of emails that are successfully delivered to the subscribers’ inboxes. It can also be called “inbox placement”.”

We followed up on this definition and asked Daniel what he believes to be the most important tools and techniques for marketers to use.

“Thankfully in 2021, we now have the luxury to access many tools on the market to improve our email deliverability. In my opinion the he most important are as follows:

Tools –

  • Monitoring tools: blacklist monitoring, reputation monitoring.
  • Spam test tools: to test the spamminess of email campaigns.
  • Email list verification: to clean the list from invalid email addresses and spam traps.


The topic of email deliverability can be daunting for many people in the industry. Whether you are an email delivery manager or an email marketer, you face intense pressure to meet targets and goals of the company. I find the following techniques can be helpful for people in the industry.

  • Warm-up: this is the most crucial part in building a good sender reputation.
  • Engagement: nowadays, it is really important to keep your list up to date by only sending to the most active subscribers.
  • Maintaining a sending quota: avoiding spikes in the number of emails sent will be helpful to avoid acting like a spammer.
  • Feedback Loop: helps to monitor and get rid of complainers from your list.
  • Unsubscribe link: helps subscribers to not receive more email campaigns to avoid getting a complaint from them.”


What role does deliverability play in the larger scheme of email marketing?

We touched upon the significance of email deliverability in the context of email marketing at the beginning of this post. However, we wanted Daniel to share his opinion on the matter.

“Without a doubt successful deliverability equals successful email marketing. This ultimately means a larger return on investment for businesses. It boggles my mind when I see businesses neglect or ignore email deliverability- the effects of poor email deliverability can be astronomical.”

Correspondingly, we asked Daniel to provide any tips he may have on how marketers can positively impact their deliverability efforts.

“Following the best email deliverability practices, making sure that they are not missing any of them. It’s very important that marketers are constantly informed of the updates made to different email service providers. This industry is fast-moving and we need to adapt to these changes rapidly.”

Daniel Predicts:

Regarding the future outlooks of email deliverability, Daniel believes that there will be “an accelerated increase in email traffic and inbox providers implementing more rigorous filtering technology to secure their user’s inboxes. Therefore, a marketer has to earn their place in the inbox to differentiate a legitimate sender from a spammer.”

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