Our WEB API gives you the possibility to send your campaigns with a single HTTP request as well as the ability to fully customize it.

Steps to take

  1. – Make sure you have an active Inboxroad account. It can be obtained here.
  2. – Obtain an API token. See next chapter.
  3. – Start sending your emails!

Obtain your token

For obtaining your API token, send a POST request to the following endpoint:


We have an interactive page where you can send your request.
The payload for the request should be JSON:

 "username": "string",
 "password": "string"
All fields are required.


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Sending a message

You need a token to send a message. This can be done by following he above steps.

The token should be provided as an Authorization header with the following format:

Basic <your_token_here>

To send a message provide a POST request with a JSON payload for the endpoint:


The payload should be in the following format:

 "from_email": "user@example.com",
"from_name": "string",
"to_email": "user@example.com",
"to_name": "string",
"reply_to_email": "user@example.com",
"reply_to_name": "string",
"subject": "string",
"text": "string",
"headers": {},
"html": "string",
"attachments": [
    "filename": "string",
    "mime_type": "string",
    "file_data": "base64_string"

Required fields

Field nameDescription
from_emailstring – a valid email like string that represents the sender
to_emailstring – a valid email like string that represents the receiver
textstring – a text field that contains the body of the message. If ‘html’ is empty this field is required
htmlstring – a html formatted string field that contains the HTML template of the email. If ‘text’ is empty this field is required.

For more details and please visit our interactive page.


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