If you have questions regarding this API, please visit our API FAQ page.

To retrieve hard bounces from inboxroad please do the following: make a get request to with the correct bearer-token and content type: application/json

curl -H ‘Authorization: Token  {{ TOKEN }}’
curl -H ‘Content-Type:application/json’      

* You have received your API token during your set-up at inboxroad. If not, please contact your account manager.

     'uuid”: Unique identifier,
     “timelogged”: Unix timestamp,
     “bounce_type”:  ‘s’ for soft,
                         ‘h’ for hard,
                         ‘e’ for message expired,
     “rcpt”: recipient (RCPT TO: ) being reported,
     “orig”: originator (from MAIL FROM: ),
     “dsndiag”: DSN diagnostic string for the recipient to which it refers,
     “bouncecat”: likely category of the bounce,
     “header_from”: from header (of original email, complaints),

Query parameters for bounce calls

Last_id: [UUID of the last record]
Returns all logs from after the given record
order: [asc/desc] Determines if you get the records in ascending or descending order

For example:

curl -H ‘Authorization: Token  {{ TOKEN }}’
curl -H ‘Content-Type:application/json’